Saturday, October 3, 2009

swag bag

Win a Child Style magazine Swag Bag filled with goodies for mom and baby worth $500. Enter at the Shopping Mama!

What's in the Swag Bag?

Child Style Magazine - Issue 1 *signed by Ali Landry*
Harley James Baby - Body Lotion
Fantaisiekids - Gift Certificate
Itzy Ritzy - Snack Happens
UV Skinz - Swim Guard Top
Dr. Selena - Parenting Workshop
Tralalala - Blanket
Huddy Buddy - Backpack Hand Sanitizer
My Posh Pads - Set of Posh Pads
Baby Bella Maya - Booties
Pink Axle - Infant Hat
Micro Me - Girl's Outfit
Baby Belay - Handy Clip
Logan and Blue - Gift Certificate
Skate Dance Wear - Toddler Active Wear Jacket
Jen's Ideas - Button Collection by Todd Parr
Mommy Toolbox - Tool Clap Set